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Meals Around the Dinner Table Project- Phase 4 Almost Complete!

For all of our supporters and donors following this project, we have another update and more pictures to share! We are almost finished with construction. Underground plumbing and electrical has been installed. Roof has been finished. Floors have been sealed and the tile for the kitchen area of the dining hall has been tiled. The white wall tile and floor tile is the kitchen area.

We are now working on finishing the floors of the main dining area which are on the last pictures shown below. All funds for the construction have been distributed and we will soon see the finished project. We can not wait to share the photos with you as this is all thanks to our supporters! Thank yo for your donations, prayers, and generosity.

This dining hall will serve as both a place to gather and eat as a family for the first time and as a study/homework area for the kids. Now, that the construction is almost at an end it is time for us to fill the space. We are currently raising funds to fill the dining hall with tables, chairs, and kitchen supplies for the kids to really complete the project. If you are able to give, please consider making a tax charitable donation of any amount for this project. Simply click the donate button our homepage. Our total goal to fill the space is $1000 USD. Any leftover funds will be used to purchase books, backpacks, and school supplies for the kids. We thank you in advance for your generosity!