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Update: Meals Around the Dinner Table Project- Phase 2 complete!

For all of our supporters and followers, we are so excited to announce our progress on the dining hall for the Remar Children's home in Peru! This home currently houses almost 50 children who come from various unfortunate situations from living on the street to living in homes with abuse, domestic violence, poverty, etc. The adults who watch over the children are volunteers. They lives with the kids along with their own families and choose to love on them, help them, and teach them.

We have been supporting this children's home since the very start of our organization. We are watching these kids grow and flourish thanks to the generosity of our supporters and donors. The current housing before this project did not allow for the kids to sit together and eat as a family. Due to the lack of a real dining hall most of the kids would scatter outside in the courtyard and eat on the floor during meal time.

The purpose of this dining hall project is two fold. The first objective is to bring unity to the children at meal times so they can sit and chat and enjoy their time together like a family because in some cases all the family they have are each other. In addition, this space will serve as an area where the children can work on their school work and study.

Check out the progress we have made thanks to all of you!

Breaking Ground

Walls up!

Time for a roof!

Pr3epping the under floor for pipes and wires

We have lights!