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Emergency Relief for Peru Flooding and Mudslides

Many parts of the country of Peru have been declared a state off emergency due to the recent mudslides and flooding. In many areas, specifically the mountainous regions, entire families have been displaced and lost everything! Tent cities have been set up for temporary relief of these disaster zones. pictures of the children broke our hearts and we knew we wanted to help. We sent funds to help purchase much needed clean water, food, clothing, tents, and other supplies to cover basic needs for these kids.

As promised, funds collected during our disaster relief campaign went to aid two different regions of Peru affected by the floods and mudslides. Below are some pictures of the organizations we partnered with to ensure your donations when straight to the victims of this disaster. The organizations are "Remar" who supports children in numerous countries and "Comedor Peruanitos" who are based in Lima, Peru. We have worked directly with the directors of these organizations for years and we know them personally. Thank you to all those who gave to this cause! We are deeply appreciative!