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Meals Around a Dinner Table: How you can Make a Difference

A family meal around a dinner table...For many of us, this is an image that reminds us of family, love , laughter, and good times. Some of my fondest memories are that of my family eating around the dinner table. It was a chance for us to come together and talk about our day and whatever was on our minds. I can not imagine growing up without these special times and I don't think any child should.

When I was in grade school, my family struggled to make ends meet. We were living paycheck to paycheck living below the poverty line. Our food was many times very basic. For my family, like many other Hispanics, that meant white rice and a fried egg on top. That was our "poor man's meal." It was filling and my siblings and I loved it so much we would request it for dinner! We may have not always had the most nutritious of meals but my parents worked very hard and ensured my siblings and I were never hungry. For us kids, it really did not matter what we ate. What I remember most about my memories around the dinner table was the feelings of togetherness, belonging, security, love, and family.

For many children around the world, dinner around the table is not a norm. Mostly because of financial reasons and unfortunate circumstances. We want to change that for one childrens' home in Cusco, Peru. The Remar Children's home currently houses approximately 33 children with more on their way with upcoming expansions to open their doors to additional child populations (more to come on this soon).

Family has an entirely different meaning for the kids who grow up at Remar. Many of these kids come from abandonment, abuse, violence, etc. They haven't seen their biological families in months or in some cases years. Some have no memories of their family at all. These kids have bonded together from shared understanding of their backgrounds and struggles. They are each other's family. They are growing up together at the Remar home. They sleep under the same roof, play games together, and our hope is that they can one day eat together as one big family. At present, there is only one dining table at Remar and it seats 8 people. Therefore, the kids have to eat in different groups, or more often, they pick up their plate and eat standing up or scattered outside on the courtyard wherever they can find a seat.

Together, with your help, we are hoping to raise the funds to give them their meals around a dinner table with their family, each other. The Remar home has been evaluated to accommodate a new dining hall for these kids. This new expansion to the home can be built for only $4000 US Dollars.

You can support this project in a variety of ways. Donate now through our website, hold a fundraiser for our organization, corporate sponsorship, help spread the word, or sign up to volunteer at one of our next fundraising events. Thank you for your support!

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