Board Members at RosaLuz are an invaluable part of the organization.  They keep RosaLuz operating and allow the organization to complete their mission of improving the lives of children.  Our board members are unique as we are both a working board and a giving board.  Everyone is a volunteer and we do this work because we want to make a difference.  Our board members are hands-on and several have visited the children we support themselves.  We make every effort to check on the children we support each year in order to meet them and their caregivers, assess their needs, provide oversight of funding, and to properly determine any future support required.



A large portion of our funding comes from board members themselves because each one believes wholeheartedly in what RosaLuz is trying to achieve. Our board ensures that all initiatives undertaken by the organization align with the RosaLuz mission and values.  Board members also help to raise funds for the organization through charity events and fundraising. One of the most important responsibilities of our board is to ensure that all funding is properly administered and that we continue to remain transparent to our donors and supporters about monies spent. Board giving is tailored individually to each member's circumstance and is highly encouraged but not a mandatory requirement.  If you have a heart for children, feel called to make a difference in this world, and want to be part of positive change, we want to hear from you!


Our board members meet once per quarter at a minimum.  This meeting occurs through teleconference as we have board members in different parts of the U.S.  Our most important characteristic that we look for in our board members is that they have a heart for children and believe in our mission and values.  If you are interested in going our team, please send an email to our Executive Director, Bridget Stahl, at with a short paragraph on why you would like to become a Board member to take the first step to be considered to join our team.

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